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Handmade Boulder Turquoise Bracelet


Native American Boulder Turquoise Jewelry 

You will often find turquoise in Native American jewelry, however Boulder is a little different. In this you will find the brown host stone with turquoise veins running through it. Because of these highly-contrasting colors, Boulder Turquoise can be very eye-catching. In this particular bracelet, I really like the different levels of browns that make up the stone. This bracelet was completely handmade by a Native American jewelry artist in the American Southwest and features his initials stamped on the back. The Navajo added a simple silver design around the stone giving it just a bit more detail. I also like how he split the sterling silver into four bars up near the stone. This gives the bracelet a more elegant look. This is a fun and unique take on the more traditional turquoise jewelry. If you have any questions of the fit of this bracelet don't hesitate to call us at 308-234-3313.

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