Calvin Begay Nighttime Feather Pendant


$ 498.00

Calvin Begay Native American Jewelry

You are looking at a feather pendant that was designed by Calvin Begay in Gallup, NM. Calvin Begay employs some talented Native American jewelry artists that create beautiful inlay work. This pendant has inlaid stones that depict a starry night sky, complete with twinkling stars and streaks of shooting stars. The black background is jet and has tiny silver pieces that represent stars. Other stones include turquoise, purple cultured opal, and a small sliver of sugilite. The work that goes into creating a pendant like this is unreal. It takes lots of time and patience to master this type of work.

This Calvin Begay pendant was handcrafted in the shape of a feather. The design around the inlay work, however, has a more Southwestern style. This works well in this piece because it makes the feather more abstract. This pendant has a great look that will give you a flare of the Southwest.

This Calvin Begay pendant has a hook at the top that makes it easy to slide on and off a chain. If you want a more permanent and secure fitting, this hook could be closed to create a more traditional bail. This feather is 2 3/8" in length and just under one inch wide. If we do not have this pendant in stock, one will be made for you. This may take around six weeks and we appreciate your patience with this process. The inlay work may be slightly different because each piece is handcrafted individually.

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