Calvin Begay Starry Butterfly Pendant


$ 449.00

Calvin Begay Native American Jewelry

You are looking at a dazzling butterfly pendant with impressive inlaid stones. This is from Calvin Begay and his Starry Night Collection, which he is renowned for. The bottom of the picturesque display features Native American pueblos that are made from picture jasper. If you look closely, you can see how many different jasper stones were used to create these buildings. The artists used jet for the dark sky and dotted it with little silver stars. There are also a couple of shooting stars made with cultured opal. Finally, there is a large, bright moon that is also opal. It is amazing that these Native American jewelry artists can create such a display using tiny stones.

This pendant is in the shape of a butterfly. The only details outside of the inlay work are the butterfly's body and antennae. With such beautiful inlay work in this pendant, who needs more silverwork? If you love butterflies, then you are sure to appreciate this lovely Calvin Begay pendant!

This butterfly pendant is 2" wide and 1 3/8" long, including its bail. It is made from solid sterling silver, and you will find this indicated on the back. Please allow around six weeks to receive this pendant. If we do not have it in stock, we will contact Calvin Begay and have one made for you. Handcrafted jewelry like this takes time and we promise that it will be worth the wait.

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