Dave Skeets Royston Turquoise Ring


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Handmade Turquoise Ring

You are looking at a fun turquoise ring that was handmade by Dave Skeets. Mr. Skeets is a Navajo Native American jewelry artist who does a creates pieces in a few different styles. His most common work is like the ring that you see here. Here he has used a rope design that travels around the stone. Outside of that, there is a simple silver border with notched decoration. On the inside of this ring, you will find "sterling" stamped to indicate that it is sterling silver. D. Skeets is also stamped showing the artist's name.

This is a Royston turquoise stone with an interesting shape. The Royston mine is found in Nevada and has produced some incredibly beautiful material. Unfortunately, it seems to have become more difficult to find in the last few years. This particular stone is purely green with a small trickle of brown running throughout. It is a pretty stone that is different than most of the other turquoise rings that we have to offer. This unique look is what caught our attention when picking out our newest jewelry. If you are seeking a turquoise ring with a greener color tone, this one will fit the bill nicely!

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