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Deep Green Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring


Handmade Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

Here we have a beautiful Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring. This stone comes from Sonora, MX and is known for its extraordinary green color that is quite distinct from most other forms of turquoise. In addition to the green, you often see bits of gold flakes that really make the Sonoran Gold Turquoise pop. This stone has been very popular for us because it stands out really well and is so different. It always draws a lot of attention in our store and I know that it will draw a lot for you as well.

I really love the color of this ring. Its deep green coloring is very pretty and it has just enough of the gold flakes to give it plenty of character. This ring was completely handmade by a Navajo Native American jewelry artist from New Mexico. This means that this piece is not machine manufactured and it is truly one of a kind. The artist added a rope design in the sterling silver for a little added detail. Other than that, the beautiful Sonoran Gold Turquoise is the star of the show here. This ring is going to be a highlight of your collection and you are going to want to show it off every day.

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