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Fascinating Ruby Pendant by Bora


Designs by Bora - Handcrafted Jewelry Unlike Any Other

Bora is quite possibly the most unique jewelry artist that we carry at Stagecoach. I don't post a lot of his work on our website because he is not a Native American artist. However, his work is really unusual and eccentric, in the best sort of way. Bora is an artist who is originally from Turkey but now resides in New York. You can see the Persian influence in all of his designs. I often think Bora has sort of a dark, almost medieval style. Most of his jewelry is very bold and meant to be seen. This is one of his pendants that I just had to show you.

This pendant has a large teardrop-shaped ruby with a deep red color. The ruby has been faceted and it has some black coloring mixed in with the deep red. The pendant is handcrafted in sterling silver which has been oxidized the make it appear dark. Bora usually uses this oxidation in his work, as well as some bronze accents. You can see the bronze used as the bezel around the ruby and on the border of the silver. The bronze shows up very well against the dark oxidized silver. I believe the combination of the dark silver, bronze, and the deep red ruby really add to the medieval look of this pendant. Included with this is the 18" sterling silver chain that you see pictured. It also has this same oxidation, a nice touch from this amazing artist.

This is a really excellent piece of jewelry from Bora. As is typical with his work, this is very unusual with a lot of depth. It is a pendant that will draw a lot of attention because it is so different and fascinating!

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