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Gary Glandon Men's Number 8 Turquoise Ring


Handmade Men's Turquoise Ring

Wow, Gary Glandon did a fantastic job with this man's turquoise ring! This ring has Number 8 Turquoise, which was mined in Nevada until 1976 when it was closed. Today, we are rarely able to find Number 8 in the quality that we desire. There just isn't very much left on the market after so many years. This is one of Gary's few remaining Number 8 Turquoise stones that he has in his collection. Material from this mine is known for its light brown matrix, as you can see in this ring. This particular stone has a very pretty light blue, almost white color with the brown interlaced throughout. It is bright and noticeable!

Head here to read more about Number 8 Turquoise.

Gary made a really cool design for this ring. The bezel around the stone is robust and striking. He used a large, masculine shank that is perfect for a man. In the center of the shank there is a textured area that has also been blackened. This gives a great contrast between the different areas of the band. There are also small triangular pieces of silver with an engraved checkerboard pattern. As you can see, there is a lot of excellent detail that has been added to this turquoise ring.

This is a handsome men's turquoise ring with a hearty design and plenty of detail to love. It has modern styling and was handmade in sterling silver right here at Stagecoach. Not to mention the stunning stone from the Number 8 mine that is difficult to come by. You just cannot go wrong with this one!

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