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Gary Glandon Sonoran Gold Turquoise Earrings


Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

These Sonoran Gold Turquoise earrings were handmade right here at Stagecoach! They have a deep green color with a gold matrix that runs throughout. Even though one of the stones has some blue along with the green, these earrings still match well. In my opinion, the subtle differences in these stones add some really nice character. It shows that these earrings are handmade and that the stones are genuine. You cannot deny that these turquoise earrings are very pretty!

Read about the characteristics of Sonoran Gold Turquoise here in our article.

Gary kept these earrings simple with a basic rope design around each stone. At the top, where you find the sterling silver post, there is a silver ball that the turquoise dangles from. This simplicity is a testimony to how vivid and intricate this turquoise is; the stones need no extra ornament and can stand beautifully all on their own. You can wear these for any occasion because they are equally beautiful dressed up as they are for casual wear. Do not miss out on these!

On the back, you will find Gary's personal artist stamp with "Glandon." They are also stamped "Sterling" indicating that they are sterling silver. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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