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Gary Glandon Turquoise Mountain Bison Bracelet


Natural Turquoise Jewelry

This turquoise bracelet was handmade in by Gary Glandon right here at Stagecoach. He used an exquisite turquoise stone from the Turquoise Mountain mine, which is part of the Kingman establishment. This stone is bright blue mixed with a brown, almost white, matrix that is fun to admire. There is so much intense detail in this turquoise bracelet that you will never grow tired of wearing it.

There are times when I name a piece of jewelry simply because it reminds me of something. This may or may not be what others see or what the artist intended. This particular bracelet reminds me of a bison head. The silver notches look like horns while the shape of the stone is similar to the shape of a bison's head. Even the border around the stone looks like fur. If you see what I see then you may find it difficult to believe that Gary did not have this in mind when designing this bracelet. It just turned out that way!

This turquoise bracelet is really extraordinary. It has a beautiful, high-grade, natural turquoise stone that Gary chose himself. It also features some very unique silver-work that was all done by hand. This is a one of a kind bracelet that you will not find anywhere else!

If you like this bracelet then I encourage you to take a look at Gary Glandon's Turquoise Mountain Pendant for a perfect matching piece!

The opening on this bracelet is 1 1/8" wide. The diameter of the cuff measures 2 1/4". Please contact us at 308-234-3313 if you have any further questions about the sizing. It can be adjusted somewhat to fit your wrist by either gently bending the cuff yourself or by having us cut and widen before shipping it to you. 

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