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Gary Glandon Turquoise Mountain Ring


Natural Turquoise Jewelry Handmade in Nebraska

My father, Gary Glandon, has been very busy making new jewelry. You are looking at one of his recent pieces, a Turquoise Mountain ring. Turquoise Mountain is part of the large Kingman Turquoise claim that is located in Arizona. Gary hand-picked this stone directly from one of the miners and what a stone it is! It is bright blue with a very pretty golden matrix. This matrix looks radiant as it weaves through the stone. This is one of those natural turquoise stones that you can tell its quality just by looking. The bright colors cannot go unnoticed and I know that this ring will draw lots of compliments.

The gorgeous stone may be the first thing that you notice in this turquoise ring, but there is actually a lot of neat details in the silver-work as well. There is a border around the stone with a fun texture. Gary used a new texturing hammer to apply this look. The shank of the ring has more of this texturing along with two engraved lines. The shank is also slightly anticlastic. This means that there is a slight curve to its width. This is a feature that improves the comfort level while wearing the ring but is otherwise not noticeable unless closely inspecting the shank. All of these tiny details are done by hand and require a lot of time and craftsmanship. Gary could save a lot of time by omitting these subtle details but he is very passionate about making such high-quality turquoise jewelry. He puts a lot of thought into every piece that he creates and we are so fortunate to have an artist of his caliber.

Take a look at our matching Turquoise Mountain Pendant that Gary recently finished! He designed this at the same time and it would be the perfect addition to this ring.


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