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Green Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring


Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

This beautiful Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring has a deep green color that is quite vibrant. While it is mostly green, there is still a lot of character in this stone. As you can see, there is an intricate gold-white matrix that gives this a nice textured look. This turquoise ring is bright and eye-catching with a look that is unique for turquoise.

Sonoran Gold Turquoise first hit the market in late 2018 and has exploded in popularity ever since. I remember when I first saw it I was really excited to get some of this beautiful stone to showcase in our store. It can take on a variety of appearances but is typically green with a gold matrix. One of the reasons that it has become so popular is because it looks much different than most types of turquoise. Every stone is unique and you will never find two that look exactly the same.

This turquoise ring was handmade by Native American jewelry artist Bennie Ration. We carry a number of his pieces and they all have Bennie's trademark silver-work style. A lot of work goes into the silver detailing that you see here. It requires a great deal of cutting, hammering, and soldering to create this look. On the back you will find "Bennie Ration" stamped along with his eagle talon symbol. You will also find "sterling" which indicates that this ring is sterling silver. You don't want to miss out on this beautiful green ring!

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