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Handmade Number 8 Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon


Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This is a brand new pendant that Gary Glandon just finished for us. If you do not know, Gary is our in-house silversmith who creates some stunning pieces of turquoise jewelry for us. While he is not Native American himself, he learned this trade from Navajo jewelers more than thirty years ago. He gets all of his stones directly from the miners and specifically looks for high-quality material that speaks to him. This pendant has a very nice Number 8 Turquoise stone. Number 8 is known for its intricate brown matrix, as you see here. Because it has not been mined for decades, quality material is difficult for us to find. This is one of Gary's few remaining Number 8 Turquoise stones.

You can read more about Number 8 Turquoise here.

Gary added a flower and leaf design to the bottom of this pendant with a simple rope design around the top. He normally uses this leaf design from the top down but decided to switch it up here. I think it really works and gives this pendant a different look. On the back of this pendant, you will find Gary's "Glandon" and "Sterling" stamps. This Number 8 turquoise pendant is 1 1/4" long (not including the bail, which is difficult to measure but adds extra length) and 7/8" wide. Please note that the chain is not included with this pendant. Please contact us if you would like to add a silver chain.

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