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Large Complex White Buffalo Pendant


White Buffalo Native American Jewelry

White Buffalo has been some of our most popular Native American jewelry and seems to grow each year. Sometimes called White Buffalo Turquoise, this incomparable stone is actually not turquoise at all but its own unique stone. That being said, its claim is owned by the Otteson family, a well-known group of turquoise miners in Nevada. White Buffalo is typically white with varying degrees of black mixed in. Some have very little black coloring while others, like this pendant, have a very nice mix. At Stagecoach, we look for pieces that have a lot of character, that are both interesting and very pretty. I think this pendant is a perfect example of that.

This pendant was handmade by a Navajo Native American jewelry artist in New Mexico. It is sterling silver with a little bit of detailing around the stone. The stone is the real star of the show here, however. It is definitely one of the more interesting White Buffalo pieces that I have seen because of the large number of black swirls running throughout. This is one of those pendants that you can happily stare at for hours. Speaking of large, this is quite a large pendant! It is 3" long and 1" wide. This White Buffalo pendant is meant to be seen and will surely be noticed by all.

Please note that the chain pictured is not included. If you would like a chain to go along with this please contact us at 308-234-3313 and we can help find one for you.

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