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New Lander Turquoise Pendant Handmade by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry from Nebraska

This pendant was handmade by my father, Gary Glandon, right here at Stagecoach. It has a beautiful New Lander Turquoise stone that he got directly from the miner. New Lander Turquoise is interesting because, despite its name, it is not actually turquoise. It is believed to be a mixture of Chalcosiderite and Variscite, both of which are similar to turquoise but technically just a little different. It got its name because high-grade New Lander, like the stone that you see here, has an intricate matrix that resembles that found in Lander Blue Turquoise, the rarest and most expensive type of turquoise in the world. The main visual difference is that New Lander has more of a yellow-green hue while Lander Blue is a dark blue color.

When my father and I met with this miner, New Lander was not on our radar at all. We have carried some in the past but were not actively looking for it at this time. However, simply put, these stones were just too pretty to pass up. The dark spiderweb matrix is very contrasting with the light yellow-green color. You will want to study the intricacy of this spiderweb for hours. Gary used a bold sterling silver bezel setting around this stone that adds some nice detail. A lady who works at Stagecoach made the comment that this setting really matched the matrix well.

New Lander Turquoise is not a stone that we will probably ever have a large supply of. Because of its exclusivity, it is a stone that we will most likely only be able to get, at most, once every year. If you like this pendant I encourage you to not wait because it may disappear quickly.

The chain that you see here is not included. Please contact us if you would like to add a chain to this pendant. This is 1 1/4" long (not including the bail) and 11/16" wide.

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