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Royston Turquoise Ring With Hammered Band by Gary Glandon


Handmade Turquoise Jewelry from Nebraska

Here we have a brand new turquoise ring that was handmade right here at the Stagecoach in Kearney, NE. It was handmade by my father, Gary Glandon, who learned silver-smithing many years ago. This ring has a natural Royston Turquoise stone with such variable coloring that it is difficult to describe. It has a robin's egg blue mixed with green and a little bit of brown matrix. This emphasizes the reason why we love Royston Turquoise so much at the Stagecoach; it has so much character and personality. Beyond the lovely turquoise, this ring also has neat silverwork. The bezel around the stone has a nice bold look. The shank of the ring is wide with an interesting texture. Gary achieved this texture by tapping all the way around the band with a specialized hammer. You can tell how much thought he put into this turquoise ring. I think the wide band and large stone make this ring unisex. As a guy myself, I would have no problem wearing this turquoise ring.

Gary Glandon learned silver-smithing from the Native Americans over thirty years ago. Creating beautiful pieces of turquoise jewelry is one of his favorite parts of his time at the Stagecoach. Gary always uses very high-quality stones in his pieces. Natural stones of this quality are difficult to come by and are definitely not cheap. However, customers always appreciate the care that he puts into finding these wonderful stones.

Don't miss out on this beautiful ring because it is completely one of a kind. Once it is gone you won't see it again.

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