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Textured Egyptian Turquoise Ring by Gary Glandon


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Wear the Same Turquoise as the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

Introducing the Textured Egyptian Turquoise Ring by Gary Glandon, a unique piece of handmade jewelry that is sure to captivate. This sterling silver ring, meticulously crafted by Gary himself, features a textured band that adds elegance and detail. The ring is adorned with a simple silver rope design that surrounds the centerpiece - a stunning Egyptian turquoise stone.

The Egyptian turquoise stone is a remarkable sight. Sourced directly from a miner in Egypt, this stone boasts a deep blue hue intertwined with a dark red, rust-colored matrix. This intricate pattern gives the turquoise a character that is as unique as the person wearing it. Egyptian turquoise is one of the oldest types of turquoise, dating back to the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. This material is not commonly seen in the United States, so you do not want to miss an opportunity to own a piece. Its unique coloring and rich history make it a truly special gemstone.

On the inside of the ring, you'll find Gary's signature hallmark, which speaks to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this piece. There's also a stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of Stagecoach, a nod to our long-standing tradition of creating exceptional handmade jewelry.

Yes, this turquoise ring is a piece of jewelry. However, it is also a statement. It makes a statement that you appreciate unique craftmanship and high-quality turquoise. This ring shows your love of one-of-a-kind adornments that no one else will own. This ring isn't just an accessory, it's a conversation starter.

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