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Tri-Split White Buffalo Bracelet by Gary Glandon


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Handmade White Buffalo Jewelry

A fantastic new white buffalo bracelet that was recently handmade by Gary Glandon here at Stagecoach. This has a triangular white buffalo stone with a lot of character. This stone has a great combination of colors with a near 50-50 ratio of black to white. There is even a small yellow spot in the right-hand corner, unusual for white buffalo. At times white buffalo can be a bit drab. This stone, on the other hand, is remarkably interesting and packed full of personality. You certainly won't grow tired of looking at and wearing this bracelet!

Gary added a few small silver balls around the stone for a bit of added detail. He made this a traditional tri-split design with the stone resting on top. Creating this design requires soldering three heavy silver bars together with bends in the middle. Gary added a much smaller silver bar to cover where the split begins. He textured this with a special hammer designed for this purpose.

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On the inside of this bracelet, you will find "Glandon" stamped into the silver, as well as "Sterling" to indicate that this is sterling silver. The opening on this is 1 1/8" while the diameter of the cuff (at its widest) is about 2 1/4". The size and shape can be adjusted a bit to fit your wrist. If you have any further questions about the size of this, please contact us.

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