Two-Layer Sonoran Turquoise Pendant by Skylar Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This is a new pendant that was handmade by Skylar Glandon right here at Stagecoach. It has a Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone with a wonderfully bright green coloring. This stone is mine in Mexico and has become highly popular for its amazing green colors. As you can see, Sonoran often has a brilliant green color along with a yellow matrix. Skylar's father, Gary Glandon, picks these stones out individually to ensure he is getting the high-quality, beautiful stones that our customers know and love. This one is certainly no exception!

Skylar Glandon used a two-layer design with this pendant. The back layer is simple shiny silver, while the upper layer is textured and blackened. There is a nice contrast between these two layers of silver and they each help to frame the pendant. Turn this pendant around and you will see that Skylar harnessed his inner John Hancock with a large engraving of his name. "Sterling" is also stamped to indicate that this is made from solid sterling silver.

This Sonoran turquoise pendant is 1 1/4" long (not including the bail) and 3/4" wide. The chain that you see pictured is not included, though you are welcome to add a chain if you would like.

Don't miss this handmade turquoise pendant with a striking stone and modern silverwork!

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