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White Buffalo Earrings by Gary Glandon


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Handmade White Buffalo Jewelry

These beautiful white buffalo earrings are triangle-shaped and set in sterling silver. On each side are three tiny spheres that accentuate each side of the triangle. Hanging on French hooks, each earring is stamped with Gary Glandon's signature jewelry stamp. White buffalo stone, sometimes erroneously labeled as turquoise, is a type of calcite deposit that can be found in Nevada. This is its own, original stone with a similar appearance to turquoise.

These earrings measure an inch and a quarter in length (not including the French hook) and three-fourths of an inch wide. Gary added a simple border around these earrings that helps to show off the stones. The mixture of white and black in the white buffalo stone creates a perfect color combination to match any outfit. The triangle gives a unique shape making anyone stop and stare. They would be a stunning addition to anyone's collection, and you are sure to enjoy them! 

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