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White Buffalo Ring by Gary Glandon


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Handmade White Buffalo Jewelry

You are looking at a striking white buffalo ring! Much of this stone is white, but it still has plenty of black to really show up nicely. I love stones like this because every single one is different, as opposed to faceted stones. This stone was mined, cut, and polished in Nevada. The best part about this ring is that we handmade it right here in our store. Gary Glandon was taught silversmith many years ago by Native Americans. He continues to make his own jewelry for you to enjoy!

Gary gave this ring a simple border around the outer portion. He added small silver balls along this border to give this ring a bit of added character. The band is split in three sections as it approaches the attachment. Gary used a solid sterling silver band that is high-quality and will last you many years with proper care.

The top of this ring is about 1 1/8" long and 5/8" wide.

Don't miss this beautiful white buffalo ring. Once it is gone you will have missed your chance!

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