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White Buffalo Spider Ring


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Native American White Buffalo Jewelry

You are looking at a very pretty White Buffalo ring. It has been entirely handmade by a Native American jewelry artist, which means that only one exists like this. Styling wise, it is a simple ring. That being said, who needs a lot of extra decoration when you have such a dynamite White Buffalo stone? You get a large splotch that resembles a black spider with its many legs. Rub your finger over this stone and you will notice a glassy, highly polished feel. It is a dazzling ring that you are really going to enjoy.

Over the last few years White Buffalo has grown to be one of our most popular lines of Native American jewelry here at Stagecoach. I believe this is because it has such a refined look that is both modern and noticeable. We specifically pick pieces that we are drawn to, often with a great amount of contrast that helps them stand out. Like most handmade Native American jewelry, you will not see two exactly alike.

This White Buffalo ring is handmade in sterling silver and will be made to fit whatever size you select. Please contact us with any questions at 308-234-3313.

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