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Green & Blue Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring


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Handmade Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

This ring has a beautiful stone that comes from the Sonoran Gold Turquoise mine in Sonora, MX. This is a brand new material that just hit the market about a year ago. It normally has a very deep green color with a gold matrix mixed in. Some, as with this ring, also have a bit of the more traditional blue colorings as well. As you can see, Sonoran Gold Turquoise can have a lot of neat character that really makes it stand out. It also has a very natural look that is quite unique. No two stones are the same and you will want to build a full collection of the Sonoran Gold Turquoise jewelry.

This sterling silver ring was handmade in New Mexico by a Navajo Native American jewelry artist. He added some fun detailing around the stone that makes this stand out even more. All of this was done entirely by hand and you can clearly see a great deal of artistry that has gone into this ring. This is a piece you will really enjoy wearing because it is so unique and vibrant.

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