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Beautiful Sonoran Turquoise Pendant by Joe Paul


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Handmade Native American Turquoise Jewelry

This is a stunning pendant from Navajo Native American jewelry artist Joe Paul. We recently visited one of our Native American jewelry suppliers to find some new pieces. Joe Paul is one of their top artists and the owner kept raving about his quality and artistry. After seeing this pendant, we could not leave without it.

This pendant has a large Sonoran Turquoise stone. Usually, Sonoran has deep green coloring. However, occasionally you see it appear more like traditional blue turquoise. This stone is packed full of colors ranging from deep blue to something approaching white. It also has some brown spots that give it even more character. I cannot stress how beautiful the stone is in this turquoise pendant. It is exceptionally bright and stands out nicely.

The stone is not the only amazing attribute of this turquoise pendant. The silverwork that Joe Paul used is quite something. Do you see all of those tiny notches along the outside? The owner explained how Joe uses a tiny jewelry saw to cut every one of those notches. There are so many of these that I figured it would be interesting to count them. By my count, Joe Paul sawed 80 of these notches. Can you imagine cutting 80 silver notches so precisely?

The allure of this silverwork is not simply the quantity but the quality. Every element fits together so cleanly that it does not appear to be handmade. This is the talent of Native American jewelry artist Joe Paul. By examining his meticulous work you can tell he is a master of his craft. This Sonoran Turquoise pendant is not cheap in price, but it is also not cheap in terms of quality. Its price reflects the cost of a true artist using a stunning turquoise stone.

This turquoise pendant is quite large and showy. It is 2 3/4" wide and 3" tall, including the bail. Everyone will notice this pendant while you are wearing it! There is also a large hand-stamped silver bail that would be perfect for a set of beads.

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