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Deep Green Sonoran Gold Turquoise Pendant


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Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

You are looking at an interesting pendant that has a Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone. This type of turquoise is found in Mexico, close to the U.S. border. This stone is known for its intense green colors, as you can see in this pendant. This particular stone has a lime green coloring at the top and a darker, forest green towards the bottom. It also has dark, almost black matrix spots in the center. The colors in this pendant are fun and unique. You do not often see turquoise with such deep green colors.

This pendant was handmade by a Native American jewelry artist. His or her initials TW are stamped on the silver on the back. The artist added a thick border around the outside of the stone with stamped curving lines. The bail is fixed off to one side, making this turquoise pendant dangle in a pleasing way.

Altogether, this pendant has an alluring stone with unique coloring. The silverwork along outside is simple yet amusing and fun. It is a piece of Native American jewelry that you will enjoy wearing often!

This measures 7/8" wide and 1 1/2" long, not including the bail. You will find the artist's initials and "sterling" stamped on the back.

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