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Easter Egg Turquoise Necklace by T. Skeets


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Handmade Native American Jewelry

You are looking at a pretty turquoise necklace by Native American jewelry artist T. Skeets. This has Kingman Turquoise with a very nice blue color and some brown matrix mixed in. This stone is primarily blue but has a bit of a matrix to give it some added detail. As with all genuine turquoise, this stone is one-of-a-kind and will not be seen elsewhere. Unlike some other types of stones, every turquoise is a little different. The shape of this one is neat as well. It has sort of an egg shape, which when viewed along with its light blue color, is reminiscent of an Easter egg. It is a really fun turquoise stone that you can't help but enjoy.

The Native American jewelry artist T. Skeets attached the sterling silver chain directly to the pendant section. This seems to be a trait that he employs often in his work. I think it makes the necklace seem more elegant than a typical bail and chain. Having the chain lead right into the pendant pulls your eyes to the center turquoise, which should be the focal point. It has been tastefully done and helps set Skeets' work apart from others.

This turquoise necklace is 1 1/2" tall and about 1" wide. On the reverse side, you will find the artist's stamps as well as "Sterling" to indicate that this was handmade in sterling silver.

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