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Triangular Turquoise Men's Ring by Skylar Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This is a new turquoise ring that was handmade by our own Skylar Glandon. It has a stunning Kingman turquoise stone with a beautiful dark matrix. Kingman turquoise can have many distinct colors and appearances. This is an unusual variety that has plenty of character. Its uncommon triangular shape makes it even more distinctive. When Skylar picked this stone out from a miner's collection months ago, he immediately envisioned a bold man's ring. All he needed was an intriguing design to match the beauty of this stone.

To create the unusual shape for this ring, Skylar began by sketching different shapes that might work around the turquoise stone. Because this is such a killer turquoise stone, he wanted a design that complimented its shape while keeping it as the centerpiece. The silver comes together at a point to match the upper point on the triangular stone. Another smaller point extends out from the bottom to add balance. Once he was set on a shape, Skylar cut this out from a sheet of sterling silver. He textured the entire surface of the silver, which gives this ring an elegant, sparkly appearance. Seeing this ring finished, it looks like it would be fitting in a medieval setting, perhaps on the finger of a great king. It has a striking, masculine design along with a stunning stone. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind turquoise men's ring! You will never see another exactly alike.

This ring was handmade in solid sterling silver and features genuine American turquoise. On the inside of the shank, you will find "Glandon", and "Sterling" stamped into the metal. 

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