Nebraska Sandhill Crane Christmas Ornament


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$ 6.98

Kearney Nebraska Sandhill Crane Souvenirs

This Sandhill Crane Christmas ornament is the perfect souvenir to commemorate the cranes in Nebraska. It is a flat ornament with the area around the words "Kearney Nebraska" cut out, giving this a unique design. It shows two Sandhill Cranes flying over the plains. Just add your own string or wire hook and you have the perfect decoration for your tree. Stop by the Stagecoach to see our other Nebraska souvenirs!

Every March hundreds of thousands of cranes stop in Kearney, NE on their way to Canada. They spend several weeks here refueling for the rest of their flight north. About 80% of all the Sandhill Cranes in the world funnel through this area. This is why Kearney is called the Sandhill Crane Capital of the World.

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