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Speckled Sonoran Gold Turquoise Pendant


Handmade Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

This is a Sonoran Gold Turquoise pendant that is handmade in sterling silver by a Navajo Native American jewelry artist. Sonoran Gold Turquoise is a new type that comes from Sonora, Mexico, just across the border. It typically has a beautiful green color with a gold contrasting matrix. Since we first offered this stone it has been incredibly popular. This is because of how unusual it is. While a lot of turquoises have a pretty definitive look, this is much different. The color is greener than most and very eye-catching.

The Sonoran Gold Turquoise in this pendant has a tight matrix with many different shades of green and yellow. There is a lot to this stone and you can really study it for a long time. This character is what really sets it apart from many other types of turquoise.

The Native American jewelry artist incorporated a great deal of decoration in the silverwork. It has a rope design and lots of little notches around the outside. This is a popular style that takes a lot of practice to do well. Each notch and curve is individually cut by hand, a process that can take a significant amount of time. You can see how Native American jewelry is so artistic and what can come from an experienced jeweler. These pieces are not mass-produced and each is different.

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