Alex Sanchez Petroglyph Turquoise Pendant


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Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Wow, what a stunningly unusual pendant! This was handmade by Alex Sanchez, a Navajo Native American jewelry artist from the American Southwest. Sanchez's work is always distinctive because it features large petroglyph-like silver pieces that are hand-cut and soldered. This pendant has a bear, dragonfly, and a hand, as well as several abstract shapes. The background has been textured and blackened to provide contrast with the straight silver shapes. A lot of time is needed for this type of work because each of the petroglyph shapes was cut and soldered individually.

In the bottom left corner, you will find a round Kingman turquoise stone. This turquoise has a flat coloring with no matrix or variation. This stone provides a lovely shot of color to an otherwise silver pendant.

Turn this pendant around and you will see that Alex Sanchez added some fun details to the back. He covered the silver with a stamp of a swirly line. This is one of those details that Sanchez certainly did not need to incorporate but adds a fun flare of personality. You will also see his name stamped at the bottom.

This pendant is quite large and will undoubtedly be noticed. It is 3 3/4" long (including the bail) and 1" at its widest. The chain that you see pictured is not included. If you would like to add a chain, please feel free to contact us.