Blue Diamond Turquoise Ring by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Ring

This is a turquoise ring that our very own Gary Glandon recently made. This turquoise ring has a Blue Diamond Turquoise stone, which comes from a small mine in Nevada. This mine got its name partly because its material is so hard, thus it is like a blue diamond. This material is uncommon because it comes from such a small mine. Because of this, we have not seen this type very often in the past. It is certainly a unique type that you won't see from a lot of other places.

This is a pretty stone with a lot of variation in its coloring. It is blue with just a slight twinge of green hue. There is also a lot of brown char that gives this turquoise ring added intrigue. It is a fun, egg-shaped stone that is very unique and interesting.

As I stated prior, Gary handmade this turquoise ring in sterling silver. To do this, he starts with individual pieces of silver and through the process of cutting, forming, and soldering is able to create a ring. He used the classic flower and leaf design that he loves so much. This is a style that he learned from the Native Americans and has used throughout his career. It is a style that adds just the right amount of decoration without detracting from the beautiful stone.

Gary Glandon is our in-house silversmith who learned this trade many years ago from Native American jewelers. He gets his genuine turquoise from the miners in the American Southwest. Of course, because this turquoise ring is handmade there is only one. You do not want to miss this one!