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Boulder Turquoise Pendant

Native American Boulder Turquoise Jewelry

This pendant has a large Boulder Turquoise stone set in sterling silver and handmade by Native American jewelry artist Joe Piaso Jr. Boulder Turquoise has a vein of turquoise running though the host stone, giving it a very natural look. You often get very contrasting brown and blue or green colors in these stones, as you can see here. This particular stone has a very lovely green vein cutting through dark brown, like a river through a valley. Piaso added some elegant stamped silver-work around the stone which adds just a bit more detail to this pendant. The pendant measures 2" x 1 1/4" not including the bail. This pendant also comes with its own 18" sterling silver chain at no additional cost. If you love turquoise jewelry but want something a little different, this is the perfect pendant for you.

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