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Bunny Forevermore Doll

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Handcrafted Forevermore Doll Collection

Forevermore Dolls are super cute, super creepy Halloween collectibles. They are created by Brian Blair, a Halloween artist who has been making custom masks and props for many years. These originated as a side project that became one of his most popular items. And who is surprised? Just look how adorable these little dolls are! They have a ton of detail and you can tell that a tremendous amount of care went into making them.

This is the Bunny Forevermore Doll. It has realistic fur, whiskers, and a large front tooth. You can't see them in the pictures but there are two rabbit ears folded back on the top of its head. The large yellow eyes really stand out against the dark, mummified-looking skin. Its dirty, grungy look adds to the doll's charm. This is one of our creepiest Forevermore Dolls and will make a wonderful collector's item for any Halloween enthusiast!

Because each of these is handcrafted, please contact us if you want to order more than one or if we are currently out of stock. We can be reached by email or phone at 308-234-3313.

Type: Costume

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