Calvin Begay Dainty Shooting Star Ring


$ 198.00

Calvin Begay Native American Jewelry

This is a petite ring from well-known Native American jewelry designer, Calvin Begay. This is his Starry Night Collection, which uses jet and lab-created opal to create a portrayal on a night sky full of stars. The small opal streaks are meant to look like the tail of a shooting stars. These artists also use little round silver pieces for static nighttime stars. This is a cute, dainty ring that will be comfortable to wear daily. Its representation of a night sky makes for a great conversation starter, and you will want to show this off to all your friends!

This ring is solid sterling silver, which you will see indicated on the inside of the band. You will also find "Calvin Begay" stamped to show the name of the artist. This inlay work is attractive, and you are going to love adding it to your collection!

Please take note of a few things when ordering this ring. First, we ask that you allow some time for one to be made. We will need the Native American artists to make this in your size, a process that can take around six weeks. Second, because every piece of Calvin Begay jewelry is handcrafted, the inlay work may be a little different from what you see pictured here. While every piece is different, this ring will still have a wonderful starry night appearance.