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Calvin Begay Running Horse Pendant


$ 379.00

Calvin Begay Native American Jewelry

This is a Calvin Begay running horse pendant handcrafted in sterling silver. We call this the Starry Night Collection because the inlay work depicts stars over Native American pueblos. The pueblos are made of picture jasper and the dark sky is jet. Small silver stars of varying size dot the sky. Calvin Begay's Native American artists pay such close attention to detail in their work. For example, notice how a tiny slice of jet is used to separate the two pueblo buildings, as well as for the windows and doors. Two little pieces of cultured opal are the tails of a shooting star. This opal gives a flash of brightness to the dark night sky that is depicted in this pendant.

This sterling silver pendant portrays a galloping horse. There are minute details in the tail and mane that add extra character to this piece. If you love horses, then you are sure to thoroughly enjoy this Calvin Begay pendant!

This pendant is 2" across and 1 1/2" tall. It is large enough to be noticeable while still being lightweight and comfortable. We do kindly ask that you allow six weeks to receive this piece. If it is not currently in stock, we will have one made for you. This does take time and we appreciate your patience. As with all handcrafted jewelry, yours may vary slightly in appearance in the inlay work. These artists hand-cut all these stones so every piece is a little different. I am positive that you will really enjoy yours!