Calvin Begay Southwestern Imprint Pendant


$ 398.00

Calvin Begay Native American Jewelry

This is a bold, striking pendant from well-known Native American jewelry designer, Calvin Begay. There is a lot to discuss with this pendant because it has so many different elements. The most noticeable feature is the incredible half-moon shaped inlay work. This is the Starry Night collection, which is some of Calvin Begay's most famous works. This is made by cutting black jet, cultured opal, and turquoise into fine pieces that fit together perfectly to create a night sky. They also use small round silver pieces for stars. Isn't it amazing how precise these Native American artists are able to cut these stones?

The other half of this pendant is straight sterling silver, with a southwestern imprinted design. The background has been darkened to create a contrast between it and the swirly design. This half and half design of inlay work and silver is a fun look for this pendant. Much of the time with this type of jewelry you get the inlay work surrounded by silver accents. With this pendant you get a nice balance between the two styles.

This Calvin Begay pendant is 2" in length, including the bail, and 1 1/4" at its widest. When ordering this pendant, we kindly ask that you allow around six weeks for delivery. If we do not have this in stock, we will have one made for you. The work involved with this does take some time. The inlaid design may be a little different than what is shown in this picture.