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Dainty Blue Ridge Turquoise Ring

American Turquoise Ring

You are looking at a dainty turquoise ring that has a very pretty stone. This is Blue Ridge turquoise, which is mined in Lander County, Nevada. I really enjoy this stone because it has great character packed into a small size. You can see light blue coloring with a brown matrix that runs through the stone. A darker blue surrounds this brown matrix as it carves its way through the material. Often, smaller stones just don't have quite as much personality as larger ones. This one certainly has a lot of personality, and you will enjoy showing it off.

This ring was handmade by a Native American jewelry artist. This artist added a remarkably simple border around the stone with a few notches. The ring's shank splits into two sections where it attaches to the bezel cup. Other than that, it is a simple and unadorned design. Sometimes, with such a lovely stone, you don't need a lot of extra embellishments.

The turquoise on this ring is about 1/2" long and 3/8" wide.

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