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Dainty Light Green Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This dainty ring was handmade by our very own Skylar Glandon right here at Stagecoach. It has a light green Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone, which comes from Mexico. This stone has become one of our most popular over the last few years due to its highly unique colors. Most turquoise does not have such an intense green color and it offers a fresh look for fans of turquoise jewelry. The stone that is used in this ring has green around the outside and a splash of blue in the middle. It is neat to have so great a variety of colors in such a small stone.

Skylar used a simple, unadorned band for this ring. It is small and dainty so you can enjoy wearing this daily. So much of the time, turquoise rings are quite large. This is a nice small ring that will be comfortable, and you will forget that you even have it on. You will find both "Sterling" and "Glandon" stamped on the inside of the band.

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