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Apache Blue Turquoise Bracelet by Gary Glandon


Turquoise Jewelry Handmade in Nebraska

This is a really fantastic bracelet that was handmade right here at the Stagecoach. Gary Glandon learned from Native American jewelry artists many years ago and has been making his own jewelry ever since. Gary gets high-grade stones directly from the miners in the American Southwest and he is always coming up with unique designs. I think you will agree that the design of this turquoise bracelet is very original.

This bracelet has a layer of fine silver soldered over a layer of sterling silver. Fine silver, also known as pure silver, has a whiter color than sterling because it lacks any added alloys. However, it is too soft to be used in jewelry, thus the reason that Gary has backed this with a layer of sterling. Look closely and you will see a subtle color difference between these two layers. Gary added a neat texture to the top layer. He does this with a specialized jewelry hammer that is made just for this sort of texture. Another unique feature of this bracelet is that it is anticlastic. This means that it has a concave curvature along the band. Not only does this offer an interesting look but it is also more comfortable because less metal is touching your skin. Gary has certainly put a lot of thought into this turquoise bracelet.

The real star here is the natural Apache Blue Turquoise stone that Gary used. Apache Blue has become one of the highest quality and most expensive types of American turquoise. One reason for this is the beautiful mix of dark blue coloring and black matrix that you typically see with this stone. This particular stone has a very pretty swirl in the matrix that gives a lovely contrast. Don't you love the shape of this stone as well? By placing it horizontally, Gary made the edges almost float off of the silver band. It is a really neat look that you are going to love. Don't miss out on this beautiful natural Apache Blue Turquoise bracelet that was handmade right here at Stagecoach!

This bracelet has an opening of 1 1/4" and is 2 1/2" at its widest point. It can be adjusted somewhat to fit a wrist that is close in size. If you have any other questions about sizing please contact us at 308-234-3313.

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