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Gary Glandon Flower and Leaf Sonoran Turquoise Ring


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Handmade Sonoran Turquoise Ring

This is a dainty Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring that was handmade here at Stagecoach by Gary Glandon. It has Gary's signature style with a silver flower at the top and leaves flowing down the sides. This is a style that Gary learned from Les Baker, the well-known jewelry artist who taught him silversmithing. It is a timeless look that gives plenty of character to this ring. All these individual pieces of silver are cut and soldered together, a meticulous process. Gary made a narrow shank that splits into three as it nears its attachment. This is a fun turquoise ring that is comfortable and has plenty of detail.

Sonoran Gold Turquoise is a new type that is found in Mexico. It has become popular in Native American jewelry and others due to its highly unique color. Typically, it is seen with varying tones of green. The stone in this ring has some of the yellow matrix that is commonly associated with Sonoran Gold Turquoise. Gary always picks stones that are high-quality and beautiful. This one is no exception. Though small, its color is bright, electrifying, and will be noticed from far away. Gary did a wonderful job with this turquoise ring!