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Gary Glandon New Lander Turquoise Ring


New Lander Turquoise Jewelry

This is a new ring that was completely handmade by my father, Gary Glandon. It has New Lander Turquoise, which is mined in Nevada. As you can tell, this stone has a lime-green color with a black spider-web matrix. This black matrix is really stunning with the light green background and you can't miss it. New Lander Turquoise is interesting because it technically is not turquoise at all. It is a combination of Variscite and Chalcociderite, a completely original stone. New Lander got its name from Lander Turquoise, which is the rarest and most expensive type in the world. The intricate spider-webbing is similar in these two stones, thus the similar name.

Gary handmade this ring in solid sterling silver. Every element was individually cut and soldered together to create this. He added a touch of detail to the sides, including a small sunburst piece on each side of the stone. This is a small extra decoration that Gary thought would work well in this ring. Since he makes handmade jewelry, every one of his pieces is different. If you like this New Lander Turquoise ring don't wait! He has a very limited amount of these stones and most likely will not have an opportunity to get more for quite some time.

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