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Gary Glandon Twelve Stone Turquoise Bracelet


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This is a new turquoise bracelet that was handmade right here at Stagecoach. Gary Glandon, our in-house silversmith, has his workbench in the back of our store and has been making his own turquoise jewelry for decades. This bracelet is solid sterling silver with twelve Kingman turquoise stone set on top. While all different, these stones have similar colors that match well.

This bracelet required an awful lot of time and effort on Gary's part. It takes a significant amount of time to create a setting for a single turquoise stone, let alone twelve. Furthermore, it becomes increasingly difficult to solder multiple pieces, instead of just one. Silver is a highly conductive metal so heating one area heats the entire bracelet. Because of this, it can be tricky to keep all the pieces in place while soldering, as all the solder will melt at the same point.

Look at the sides of this turquoise bracelet and you will see that Gary added some engraving to the silver cuff. This is done by hand with an engraver, another time-consuming process. Engraving is a delicate procedure because one slip and you can ruin a hefty piece of silver. As you can see, Gary put a lot of care into this turquoise bracelet.

If you are looking for a large handmade turquoise bracelet, then you have certainly found one of quality. This has twelve pretty Kingman turquoise stones that are each of substantial size. There is a lot of silver in this piece and Gary added some of his own character. It is a wonderful bracelet!

This bracelet has a one inch opening and is two inches at its widest diameter. This can be adjusted to fit somewhat, though you should not drastically alter the sizing. If you have any questions regarding the size, please give us a call at 308-234-3313.