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Gary Glandon White Buffalo Bracelet

Handmade White Buffalo Jewelry

This is a super gorgeous White Buffalo bracelet that was handmade in sterling silver right here at Stagecoach. I am in love with the stone in this piece! This is White Lightning, a form of the wildly popular White Buffalo that comes from Tonopah, NV. This stone was only recently discovered by the Otteson family and we were originally one of the first places to obtain some from them. The stone that you see in this bracelet has beautifully contrasting white lines that cut through the black background. It is incredibly elegant and definitely one of my favorite White Lightning specimens.

I am proud to say that my father, Gary Glandon, was the person who made this wonderful bracelet. Every piece of detailing was created and attached entirely by hand. For instance, there are two textured bars on each side of the bracelet. Gary cut these pieces of silver and textured them with a specialized jeweler's hammer. He did a great job combining intricate silverwork with such a gorgeous stone. If you like this bracelet I suggest not letting it get away!

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This bracelet has an opening of 7/8" and it measures 2 1/4" at the very widest portion of the curve. It can be adjusted somewhat to fit your particular wrist. This can be done by gently bending the shape of the band. We may also be able to shorten the arms of the bracelet from our end too if you should require it to be significantly smaller. If you have further questions about the sizing please feel free to contact us at 308-234-3313.

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