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Gary Glandon White Buffalo Earrings


Handmade White Buffalo Jewelry

This is a brand new pair of White Buffalo earrings that my father, Gary Glandon, just finished. The stones are White Lightning, which is a specific type of White Buffalo that has the sharp white lines running throughout. This stone was named by the Otteson family who originally discovered this unusual type of White Buffalo. These specific stones are really pretty and almost have a ghost-like look, at least in my opinion. The overall tone of the stones in these earrings gives off a dark and shadowy feel. That being said, they are quite striking and very unusual. The neutral colors can be worn with a variety of different outfits.

Gary obtained these stones directly from a member of the Otteson family the very first time that White Lightning was on display. They are a great match, which can sometimes be difficult for earrings. Gary added some silver decoration around the stones including a rope and notched styling. He also added three small silver balls at the bottom. In order to add all of this tiny detailing, Gary must cut and solder each little piece perfectly to each earring. This process requires a lot of planning on top of the intricate work. On the back of one earring, you will find both "Sterling" and "Glandon" stamped. This is a great pair of earrings that are stylish and quite exclusive!

These earrings are just over one inch tall and 7/8 inch wide. They are a fairly good size and are meant to be shown off. They have sterling silver posts on the back.

If you love these earrings then you are going to want to check out Gary Glandon's White Buffalo Pendant. The stones are very similar in terms of shape and they would look fabulous together. There is also our White Buffalo Bracelet that Gary made as well. He handmade all three of these pieces one after another and together they would complete an amazing set.

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