Golden Hills Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Golden Hills Turquoise Jewelry

Wow, what a beautiful pendant! This has Golden Hills turquoise, which is only found in Kazakhstan. This has suddenly become a popular stone because of its unusual and distinctive coloring. As you can see in this Golden Hills turquoise pendant, the colors are shift from a light blue to a matte blue/gray. Even its dark reddish matrix is unique. Though they have become highly sought after, you don't see Golden Hills turquoise often. This pendant will make for a standout piece that your friends and family will not be familiar with.

This pendant was handmade in sterling silver by Gary Glandon, our very own in-house silversmith. He adorned this with his signature leaf and flower design that he learned many years ago from Native American jewelers. This is a timeless style that Gary really loves using in his jewelry. I love how the leaves wrap perfectly around the stone. It is a lovely look that you are sure to enjoy.

If you are interested in Golden Hills turquoise jewelry, be sure to get this pendant quickly. Due to its distinctive stone, this may not be around for long. Gary does not have much more of this material currently, though we all need to encourage him to get more!