Golden Hills Turquoise Ring by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Golden Hills Turquoise Jewelry

You are looking at a fascinating Golden Hills turquoise ring. This is an interesting piece for several reasons. First, Golden Hills turquoise is only found in Kazakhstan, not a country that you normally associate with high-quality turquoise. Its appearance is another interesting aspect of this material. Unlike most turquoise, which has some sort of deep blue variation, Golden Hills is much lighter. In fact, its color even approaches white at times. If you look at this ring, the stone is grayish blue on one side and shifts to a much lighter chalk color on the other. It also has a rust-colored matrix running across, which is typical of this material.

This ring was handmade right here at Stagecoach by my father, Gary Glandon. He adorned this with a flower and leaf design, a style that he loves using in his jewelry. You will find his name as well as "Sterling" stamped on the inside of the shank.

This Golden Hills turquoise ring is a special piece of jewelry because of its distinct stone. It has a narrow band that will be easy and comfortable to wear. If you like this ring do not wait! Gary only has a few of these beautiful stones and there is no guarantee that he will be getting more!