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Hammered Fordite Pendant


Handmade Fordite Jewelry

Fordite is one of the most interesting stones I have ever seen. It was actually a by-product from automobile manufacturing plants in the mid-1900's. Back then, when cars were spray-painted by hand, overspray would slowly build on the floors and assembly line equipment. Over time, this paint would need to be cut and removed. Fordite was the result. It is essentially hundreds or thousands of layers of car paint. You can read more about this amazing stone here: What is Fordite Jewelry?

While Fordite jewelry is already incredibly unique, this pendant takes it a step further. The interesting sterling silver design around the stone has a hammered texture that really catches your eye. The back of the stone has been left open and gives you an altogether different look at the fine paint swirls. Measuring the very top of this pendant to the bottom is just over 2 inches. This pendant would look wonderful on a silver omega or regular chain. This is a one-of-a-kind piece and you definitely won't see another like it!

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