High-grade Kingman Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This is a new pendant from our very own Gary Glandon! Gary chooses his stones directly from the miner's collections. This is a beautiful Kingman turquoise stone that has a light blue coloring and a few flakes of brown. Look closely and you will notice a darker matrix that runs through this stone. The Kingman turquoise mine is the last large-scale turquoise mine that is still operating in the United States. Because of the vastness of the mine, you can find a large variety in the quality of material that comes from Kingman. The stone that you see in this pendant is particularly high-grade. You don't find quality turquoise jewelry like this from very many sources.

I really enjoy the styling that Gary used in this pendant. The bezel is bold and meant to be noticed. Sometimes bezels are thin and do not really add a lot to the appearance of a piece of jewelry. That is certainly not the case in this pendant! Gary also extended the backplate so that it gives a small border around the pendant. He textured and oxidized this piece which helps add some pleasing contrast. If you look at the bail you will see that even that is handmade. Gary cut a piece of sterling silver, bent it around, and soldered it together to create the bail. He also added a hand-engraved line to each side. While this may not be the largest turquoise pendant, it is sure packed with plenty of detail for you to enjoy!

Because this pendant is completely handmade, there is only one of these. Once this is gone you will have missed your opportunity at owning this beautiful Kingman turquoise pendant that was handmade right here at Stagecoach.

Please note that the chain that you see pictured is not included with this pendant. If you would like to add a chain please contact us and we can help find a fitting one for you.