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Hubei Turquoise Feather Earrings by Gary Glandon

Handmade Turquoise Earrings

Here we have a new pair of Hubei turquoise earrings. These were handmade in sterling silver by Gary Glandon, our in-house silver and goldsmith. He did a wonderful job on these, as usual. Let's begin by talking about the pretty turquoise stones!

These earrings have Hubei turquoise, which is some of the finest found in China. As the highly sought-after American turquoise becomes more and more difficult to find, material from other parts of the world is becoming increasingly more common. China is, of course, a large country and there is quite a bit of turquoise that is being mined there. As you can see, Hubei has a little different look than what we are used to here but is nonetheless very pretty. These particular stones that Gary used in these earrings have a pale blue color with a nearly black matrix. This matrix is striking because it has such a high contrast with the blue color of the stones. Another fun element with these stones is that they each have a small green splotch near one of the edges. This makes these stones a perfect match for a pair of earrings.

With the silverwork, Gary played off the triangular shape of the stones. He added dangly feathers at the bottom that are similarly triangular. These feathers are a bit different than his usual, however. They are very simple, giving these earrings a nice clean appearance. The detailing in the feather pieces was hand-engraved and blackened to stand out. These feathers dangle freely and help draw attention.

These Hubei turquoise earrings are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. They have very pretty stones that are packed full of character. The silverwork is simple, yet modern. The style all fits together in a lovely cohesion. Best of all, they were handmade right here at Stagecoach!

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