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Inlaid Spiny Oyster Shell Pendant

Handmade Native American Jewelry

This pendant has beautiful Spiny Oyster Shell inlaid in sterling silver. This shell has become quite popular in Native American jewelry and has its own unique look. Spiny Oyster has grown in popularity partly because of how limited coral has become. As you can see in this piece, Spiny Oyster comes in different colors, including orange, red, and purple. When you put all of these colors together, you get this lovely, natural look. These shells mainly come from the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico. The Native American jewelry artists hand-cut and set each of these stones in sterling silver, a very time-consuming task. This pendant is 2" long (not including the bail) and 1 1/4" wide and definitely won't go unnoticed. As with all Native American jewelry, you will never find another pendant exactly the same.

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