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Jack-O Forevermore Doll

Handcrafted Forevermore Doll Collection

Forevermore Dolls are a brand new addition to Stagecoach's awesome Halloween selection. They are the creation of Brian Blair, who is a big name in the Halloween industry creating custom masks and props. Each Forevermore Doll has a stitched-on latex mask of a different spooky creature. When I first saw these I was struck by how realistic they look. They could be that eerie thing that has been sitting in a corner of your basement for years gathering dust and grime. These dolls are meant as collectibles and go far beyond Halloween decorations.

This is the Jack-O Forevermore Doll, a cute doll wearing a pumpkin mask. It is holding a little trick or treats bag that makes this the perfect Halloween doll. Something unique about this one is that you can see the doll's mouth through the pumpkin mask. It has a sort of startled look that makes it even more adorable. This is such a neat item that may become my next in my collection.

Because each Forevermore Doll is handcrafted, we have a limited supply in stock. If you would like to order multiple please contact us at 308-234-3313.

Type: Costume

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